An order of 1 includes pack of 3 cards (12x12cm): emerald, ruby, and blue onyx colour birds, each with a white envelope and plastic pocket. High quality printing, blank inside, small brand label on the back



Yanzi (Chinese for ‘swallow’) have long been a symbol of returning home, an auspicious sign for the weary traveller… and I have a particular affinity for them. The arrival of swallows in spring, and the subsequent months of incredible acrobatic flight around the fields and hills of England, Wales, and Scotland, is something I look forward to as much as the summer sun. Swallows living in the porches of homes on the outskirts of Beijing, where I lived for some years, and the way they fly through the alleys, soaring past at knee-level in the blink of an eye, was one of my favourite discoveries in China.

With the simple painting featured on these cards, I wanted to portray a swallow in a bold splash of colour, while distancing myself from the traditional styles of portraying them, where they often look bulky and cartoonish

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Weight 50 g

Square 12×12


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