Welcome to the bluesungfruit online shop! If you came here directly, you might have missed my main website and be confused as to the nature of things. So here’s a short explanation:

My name is Benjamin Hill. Trained as a tattoo artist in Beijing, I currently work with a variety of media – pencils, brushes, computers – to create a range of original art, some of which I’m selling here in the form of prints and greeting cards.

I’m currently based in Bath.

tattooing a client in Beijing, 2012

A note about the ‘in situ’ images in the shop: the images showing paintings and cards on the walls of rooms or in someone’s hands are mock-ups; that is, they have been put together in Photoshop using Creative Commons-licensed images found online, from websites such as pexels.com and pixabay.com, with my paintings placed inside. They do not represent actual sizes of the prints and cards being sold here, but they do represent what these prints and cards can look like in a bright and airy setting. It just happens that creating these mock-ups with Photoshop is much easier and cheaper than hiring a photographer or buying a nifty camera and placing each individual painting in a frame in a different setting and taking hundreds of photos! Take my word for it though, the prints and cards sold here are printed with some of the best printers available, and look amazing in real life.